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TownePlace Suites

The American family is changing, making the family structure more diverse than ever. This presents an opportunity for TownePlace Suites to position itself as the ideal hotel accommodation for families. Compass Communications is aiming to position TPS as the hotel that families can turn to, and will do this by increasing brand awareness among families by 5 percent, increasing social media engagement by 10 percent, and doubling both new and traditional earned media coverage. These campaigns will position TPS as a reliable and quirky hotel that provides the best comfort and entertainment for families. TPS is uniquely situated as an extended stay hotel that will meet the needs of a varied range of family frameworks. Our tactics will target three distinct target audiences: families trying to make memories on vacation, families trying to make the relocation process simpler, and families trying to entertain only children while on vacation. Additionally, an overarching tactic will target all families trying to maintain a regular schedule while traveling. Our capstone proposal was selected in two categories for the American University PC Awards. 

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